The Design Build Adventure fabrication department has been busy during May and June. Philip Burkhardt had led the adventure with James Rosinbaum, Dan Dyer, and Taylor Tehan on New York Avenue custom kitchen furniture, Tarrytown fence and gate, Clarksville bike shed and steel and cedar trellis for Mark Word Design.

James Rosinbaum worked with Coleman Coker’s University of Texas School of Architecture students on the steel portion of their summer design / build project.

The DBA design department, Jack, Spence, Adrian, and Matt, have been busy with the Stephenville, TX event center, Travis Heights residence, and the Empire Control Room. Stay tuned for models, drawings, and progress photos . . . Coming soon.

Also coming soon, the launch of the Design Build Adventure on-line store — Long Time Provisions and upcoming Camp Design Build Adventure dates.

Photos by Adolfo Moreno

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