• MINI DOOwith Butch Anthony

  • Sometimes it just be’s that way

    MINI-DOO is an annual camp hosted by Jack and his buddy Butch.  Butch Anthony is a self-taught artist from Seale, Alabama whose has been developing his own path as an artist for 25 years since he and his buddy John Henry Toney plowed up a turnip that looked like it had a face in it. This story was shared in it’s entirety during Butch’s campfire “lecture”.

    Participants got to know Butch and the world of “Intertwanglism”, as we worked together to design and build … Keep Reading→

  • Camp Museum of Wonder with Butch Anthony

  • This adventure is a partnership with Women.Design.Build, an Austin nonprofit that empowers women and girls by equipping them with DIY design-build skills. Over two weekends, participants learn and immediately apply design techniques and basic woodworking and welding as they work together on a community service project.

    This year, our project will take place at Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ Community First! Village, a master-planned community in East Austin that, when completed, will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.

    October 2014… Keep Reading→


  • In this recurring day-long workshop, DBA yoga instructor and office manager (OM) Kate Campbell and Jack Sanders team up to lead a group of daring individuals through a morning of meditation and asanas and an afternoon of playing with fire. We cap off the day by sitting around a campfire with some cold beer.

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  • Yoga and Welding