LOCATION: Austin, Tx

An artist-driven, community-based public project, Drawing Lines was commissioned in response to Austin’s historic political transformation. At its core, Drawing Lines is an exploratory conversation about the dynamics of place. It’s a project about process that examines the role of contemporary culture in the transition and transformation of place. The project explores how art itself, as a process, can be part of the conversation about Austin’s newly restructured political system and embeds artists within the foundation of a rapidly changing, ever-evolving city.

In 2012, the citizens of Austin initiated and voted for a new political system where city council members represent specific geographic districts, beginning with the November 2014 election. Exploring these citizen-driven yet prescribed boundaries of place, Drawing Lines embeds artists in each of the ten newly drawn districts to co-create a place-specific public project with the residents of the new districts. Ultimately, the ten district projects will come together in one citywide exhibition reflecting on the new 10-1 political structure and the dynamic cultural life of each of the districts and thus the city itself.

(from Drawing Lines Austin website)


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